MEGA BANTON has maintained a deep affection for music as long as he can remember.

Garth williams, who was later dubbed MEGA BANTON , grew up outside kingston, Jamaica in the third city of portmore. Since his early days as a youth, he crooned the lyrics of Dennis Brown, Yellow man and Alton Ellis over his father's sound system at neighborhood sessions.

Mega was soon writing his own tunes and developing his own lyrical style while in the second form at ST. ANDREW TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL.

Mega's reputation as a talented young DJ grew as a teenager. He began performing at local stage shows and was introduced by RICKY GENERAL to notorious reggae mogul/ producer Jack Scorpio. It was while recording with black scorpio lable that mega earned his name from an elder musician, black mice, for his intense delivery and provocatiive vocal flair. He began to record tracks like GIVE IT A EASE witch is the first song the magician as he is called by his friends as ever recorded. the song echoed the harsh reality of the life that surrounded him with a positive message. Mega's swift hard-hitting lirical delivery distinguished him among the emerging DJs with songs that epitomized the dancehall era of the early 90s.

In 1993 mega banton released his debut album,FIRST POSITION, on VP records with hit singles such as NAME A MENTION, GLAMOROUS,COBINATION MIX , AND A SO WI STAY. The single, SOUND BOY KILLING of the same album charted on the US BILLBOARD charts and propelled mega's career to the next level.Mega Banton landed a deal with SONY RECORDS in 1996 and recorded 1,000,000 MEGA WATTS.

Mega has spent the past decade recording with various producers and lables in jamaica including Shocking Vibes, Steely and Clevie, King Jammy, John John, and Free willy witch he said is his favourite producer at this point. Mega has toured with members of the shocking Vibes crew including Beenie man and Tanto Metro and Devonte. The popular street anthems; MONEY INA MI POCKET and PON DI CORNER, rivived Mega's status as one of Jamaica's most respected DJs and stayed on the Reggae charts in Jamaica and the United States for several months in 2003. Popular singles such as RISE IT, GIMMI DEM, and GARISON featuring Mr. Lex, have kept Mega Banton on top of his game. Both GIMMI DEM and GARRISON were released on Gargamel Records and produced by one of Mega's musical inspirations, BUJU BANTON. Although, Mega has been limited his appearance on dancehall rhythms in the last few years, He still manages to preserve his untouchable style and status.

Mega banton also more recently known as MEGAH DI MEGLADON is currently under the management of ICON REGGAE ENTERTAINMENT and is in the final stages of completion of his new album, THUG POETRY to be released in the spring of 2007. The new album features a combination of Mega's usual hardcore dancehall edge with an added touch of hip- hop with a variety of tunes and topics such as THESE STREETS, to LOVE IT as well as guest appearances by several renowned hip-hop and rap artists. songs of the upcoming release as well as Mega's current tracks will also be featured on his upcoming mix CD ENEMIES ON DEADLY GROUND. Mega has prooved his position as a undeniable force in the dance hall scene and continues to leave his mark.


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