To celebrate the new improved look of this site, here's one of the finest moments ever to grace a mixtape - the intro to Doo Wop's '95 Live. By extending the usual "couple of guests at the start of the tape" routine, Da Bounce Master assembled an all-star cast of New York's finest to rock verses over looped instrumentals - for 19 minutes! This in turn paved the way for Tony Touch's three-part 50 MC's tapes.
You can't lose with a line-up that includes everyone that was making a little noise at the time - from M.O.P. to Raekwon, Q-Tip to one-hit wonders Ill Al Skratch. GURU comes through with a quote which is even more relevent today than it was ten years ago: "Back in the day you'd get stepped to for biting/nowadays, the suckers they be finding it exciting/to cold copy the next man's shit, that's the bullshit that gets me vexed and shit". Hold ya head Jay-Z.
It's also worth noting that both Tony Touch and Doo Wop burn a lot of full-time rappers when it comes to lyrical tactics, as they continue to demonstrate that less-is-more. Kid Capri and Diamond D are two other DJ's/producers who have had more than their fair share of notable moments in the booth. Most of this session was white labelled on that Doo Wop Freestyle double vinyl as well.






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