Beautiful, brash and talented is the only way to describe DJ Lazy K. Born in Mexico, Lazy K would find herself in Europe before winding up in New York and falling in love with Hip Hop DJing.

She started DJing in '91, and aimed for the DJ battles, competitions, so she learned how to battle other DJs. She started doing tapes, the guys used to buy her tapes for $10. Lazy K started making a living out of that. And then from there she took them uptown, New York, she just put her number on a mixtape and other people would call to get her mixtapes. DJ Lazy K’s tapes started to get played and she was getting new artists.

She was harder than any other male mixtape DJ out there. Lazy K would play records, switch them fast, crash, blend, mix, because she was trying to be better than what they were so she could get attention. And now, 12 years... 12 years...since she started DJing, and doing mixtapes since 1995.

 There were constant obstacles in an occupation dominated by men, but Lazy K persevered and made a name for herself as a battle DJ and mixtape pioneer. Her hard work has paid off in the form of being named best female mixtape DJ through various awards, and is considered the best female hip hop DJ in the world.






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