When you think of the name Lissen, you think of the hottest band in D.C. Scooby is one of the four men in the band. As of a young age he realized that he loved music, that lead to him starting a band in his basement called “Classy junk”. This wasn’t a regular band with drums and all of its necessary instruments; they used cans and anything that sounded good. Then he played with Third Demention. Even though he is only 25 he has been in the game for a long time now, he still feels like a veteran.

The only inspiration that Scooby ever needed and wanted was his Father. He was a musician himself and played in groups as well. He wanted to be just like him. Scooby believes that in order to be a successful musician you have to put 100% into what you do. But he had to learn that the hard way; he said “Its better to be good at one thing, than it is to be good at many things.

The Lissen band met in High school in the marching band back inn 1992. According to Scooby Lissen isn’t a band it is a four man group. That’s when they decided to play together, first it was actually six members but they were forced to kick a member out because of illegal activities, and another member got killed. So that’s how they became the four man group.

When Lissen first started they were invited to Norfolk to perform with Jahiem and it went so well that when they got back home they got hooked up with Takoma Station for one week. Since people liked what they heard they decided to stay with them for one year. So you could say that Takoma Station was the placed where they were discovered.

Lissen is known for their unique sound and how they play. The age range may be from 21-45 and want to be considered the most versatile band in the city. Lissen doesn’t perform by them-selves; they have performed with several artists such as Jahiem, Tank, Brand new heavies.

Lissen was performing five nights a week, but they cut that down to two nights because they are currently working on their album. On Fridays their down at Muralis and Saturdays their down at 94th Aero Squadron. They were also asked to sing the National Anthem on November 5th at the Wizards home game. You can visit Lissen on the web at



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