Flo Rida's exceptional creativity-a fresh and energetic flow, escorted by a melodic delivery- ensures there is never a dull moment. With a tone analogous to that of Nelly and on par with the vivacity of Outkast , Flo Rida's uniqueness will undoubtedly set him apart, defying any standard expectations.

Whether singing his hooks or writing his own lyrics, this multi-talented artist embraces tenacity like no other. Recently returning from a three-year stint in Los Angeles, California, the 24-year old Carol City, Florida native and former basketball player is on a mission.

He has always had a penchant for writing and vibing to beats and being inspired by his family's musical influence. His versatility overflows into all aspects of his life.

As a former basketball playerand all around athlete, who has dabbled in a bit of acting, he is intentional in his quest to emerge as leader and an inspiration to those from his neighborhood or those who might benefit and learn from his example. He has taken heed of what could happen by circumstance and in this case he is taking advantage of what destiny already intends.



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