Perhaps it's the inherent cool that he carries like an extended limb; he's debonair as LL. Or maybe it's the seriousness that masks his face when in deep thought; he's business as a young Master P. His mind to get money by any means necessary is virtuous as a young Russell Simmons and his no holds barred, relentless nature has the likes of 2pac written all over it. Whether he's the playboy that gets all the girls, the businessman that makes all the ends or the thug that you love to hate, St. Louis Hip Hop hardhead Huey, has arrived.

Grounded on the same streets that produced successes among the likes of Nelly, Chingy and the St. Lunatics, the 19-year-old's approach is a refreshing one. The Notebook Paper, Huey's official offering to the masses, comes with perfect timing. Inundated in a world beset by rappers preoccupied with immersing themselves in the superficial elements of the world, Huey allowed his heartbeat to dictate where the music would take him.

Without fear or favor, Huey became the sole emphasis of Richardson's outfit. Already a hit on the streets, he soon became the talk of the town, performing any and everywhere Richardson could book him. His visibility didn't stop on the stage either. The relationships that he built with DJs, promoters and the like, worked to establish him as a force in clubs and on the radio, ultimately finding nominal success with local gems, "Oh" and later "Pop, Lock & Drop It."

Before long Huey was being sought after by colleges and other non traditional outlets. He continued to build on his success by dropping 8,000 copies of a mix tape – Unsigned Hype – which the streets gobbled up like dope fiends.

The Diary of Huey: Pre Notebook Paper, his most recently released mix tape, is but a sketch of what is to come with the heavily anticipated full album – The NotebookPaper. Laced with guest appearances from the likes of Yo Gotti, YoungBloodZ, T Pain, Lloyd, Asia, Raheem DeVaughn and M.O.S., it's a moving testimony to life's ups and downs from Huey's young eyes. Bound by his love for the streets and everything therein, it's gutter as it is straightforward and true.

Fittingly, the Jazze Pha produced "When I Hustle," featuring Lloyd, introduces the player that the ladies just can't get enough of. Along the same lines is the Raw Beats assisted "Love of My Life," featuring newcomer Asia, which speaks to the woman who's in love with a thug, but wants more than just a passing romance. "You gotta get the women," he reasons, citing lessons obviously learned from the likes of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

Understandably, as he's climbed the rap totem pole in the Lou, Huey has experienced his fair share of hate. As he's taken it all in stride for the most part, the artist in him couldn't resist the opportunity to vent. The Trackstarz produced "What'cha Lookin' At?!" featuring the YoungBloodZ, is an obvious rebuttal to the expected growing legion of detractors. From the birthday party that went wrong, to the envious stares he's absorbed at the mall, to the soured relationships that have all materialized because of his success, Huey tells it like it is.



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