Terius Gray may call himself Juvenile, but he is no young buck when it comes to the music business.  The New Orleans native has been consistently putting it down for fifteen years. He has released eight albums which have spawned some of rap's most popular club hits, started his own UTP label imprint, and unbeknownst to many, laid the foundation for hip-hop's Southern revolution.

 While the mainstream continues to ride the crunk music bandwagon, Juvenile is modest about the sub-genre of hip-hop that preceded crunk and gave him his first hit record.  "I don't feel like I've done nothing yet," says a blinged out Juve, in response to whether he should get the credit for fathering "bounce" music. "A lot of musical styles came from New Orleans." As history would have it though, it was a then-15-year-old Juvenile who recorded the first bounce track, entitled "Bounce For The Juvenile," back in 1989 for DJ Jimi's It's Jimi! album.  The call-and-response track quickly blew up and earned Juvenile his own solo deal with Warlock Records, before Cash Money even existed.  Says Juvenile, "Crunk piggybacked off of bounce music."

 When his debut album, Being Myself, was released in 1995, Juvenile was living in between both of his grandmothers' housing projects. One lived in the now-famous Magnolia projects, known for its poverty-stricken population. But while many teens fall victim to their environment, Juvenile kept his focus off the streets and on his talent, forming the UTP crew, a collective of rappers from New Orleans' uptown neighborhoods.  In 1996, he hooked up with Cash Money records and dropped the CD Solja Rags, which sold close to 200,000 copies.

 Juvenile's already proven track record helped catapult The Hot Boys to platinum status. And by the time he released his third solo set in 1998 - the RIAA quadruple platinum 400 Degreez - Juvenile and Cash Money had become household names

 It's that business motto that has given Juvenile quite a few advantages over his fellow rap peers. 400 Degreez was followed by three more platinum-plus albums - Tha G-Code, Project English, and Juve The Great - before he closed the biggest deal of his career. Atlantic Records, now home to Juvenile the solo artist as well as his UTP label, snatched him up in 2004, when two of his biggest hits - the #1-charting, RIAA platinum "Slow Motion" and the Juvenile, Skip & Wacko (aka UTP) collaboration, "Nolia Clap" - ruled the airwaves.

Now, with years of experience under his belt, Juvenile returns with Reality Check, his seventh solo album and Atlantic debut. With Mannie Fresh handling some of the production, the album has that classic Juvenile sound, and then there's the likes of Scott Storch and Cool & Dre in the mix. Featuring guest artists Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Trey Songz, Eightball, Bun B, Brian McKnight, Ludacris and others, Reality Check is Juvenile's most well-rounded album to date.




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