Ray Cash was the only child to his mother. They lived in a place that Cash muses as the "Hill" located in the Eastside of Clevelnad. His area of Cleveland was not seen as a comfort zone because of violence going around. Quote: "His Mother told him not to cross the streets, but his mind was too fascinated in what was going on then". According to Ray, the Cleveland lifestyle invited him well, seeing that he had no brothers except a friend named Thomas Oatman.

One interview revealed that he was a hustler in his city. When Cash grew older, they'd hang out more. The Cleveland environment helped develop his music style he has today. "I got into Hip-hop from hanging around older dudes, " thanks Cash. From an AllHiphop.com interview, he states It’s cool. Most of my people didn’t change. Some people changed because they expected me to change, and I didn’t. I think that threw a lot of people off when they saw that I didn’t change. However, his lifestyle has been controversial with having a son.

Cheeks grew up listening to hip-hop musicians such as NWA, Scarface, and Jay-Z. Their music captivated him, and he first performed in classrooms with raps. His peers admired and helped him during raps. Coincidentally, rapper Jay-Z came through Cleveland on his Hard Knock Life Tour, and Cash was there and marveled his style. Cash also had grown a real opinion on the hip-hop industry. Cash stated that when he grew up, artists were more focused on their actual music (lyrics) than were their record sells. And that artists today care more about record sells than their music. "Cash said he doesn't just accept what is on the radio, which is not always real, and his approach is to make the game as real as possible. He has also praised UGK, 2pac, and Notorious B.I.G. on interviews.

Critics such as All Music Guide called C.O.D.(Cash on Delivery) a depth hardcore album. Cash released Cash on Delivery under Sony Urban Music/Columbia on June 27, 2006. This album reached # 82 and # 41 on the billboard charts receiving positive reviews. The album content features wild tracks like "The Bomb" (feat. Yummy Bingham), his first single and least serious "Sex Appeal", and hardcore tracks that include "Payback", "F*ck AmeriKKKa", and the 2006 single "Bumpin my Music." His lyrics, especially in "Payback" have reminded some people of Ice Cube and Nas. The single F*ck AmeriKKKa pokes at hypocrites, or the system: "the ones who think they have priority, but do nothing at all. He ended the statement in saying "I know what's going on, as he walked the streets, and the images are not real. His first two singles were heavily featured in the Cleveland area.



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