Katrina Taylor grew up in Miami, Florida suffering many hardships but battled it all, simply by believing that dreams are true and by putting faith in her dreams, someday everything will change for her. She never considered a carrer in music, untill spotted by locally based rapper Trick Daddy, who helped her on her way to stardom. She then shortened her name to just "Trina" and appeared on Trick Daddy's hit "Nann N***a".


Trick Daddy's Slip-N-Slide record label noticed her much praised rapping abilities and rising popularity and continued to team her up with the fellow Miami native. Trina represented a sexy, rugged, man-driven look that wasn't new to the music world and included rivals Foxy Brown and Lil Kim.


But Trina's music style drove a more controversial issue, due in part to her rebellious nature, sexual lyrics and profanity filled tracks. Her 2000 debut album, "Da Baddest B***h" was a direct response to the male-dominated rap industry that was known for disregarding women in many hit songs. Her debut gained her a gold-certified single with "69 Ways



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