If you want to talk MC's in Hip Hop, Kool G Rap's name is written in stone. From his Juice crew days and appearing on the classic "The Syphony" to his solo classic "Road To The Riches" which sparked a movement just as powerful as Melle Mel's classic "The Message" did. You see Kool G Rap sparked a movement of MC's talking about hustling in the streets for means of survival and he often narrated his ways of going about it. This movement is still evident in even the youngest of MC's coming up today. He also fathered a complex rhyme pattern that was soon emulated by an entire generation.



 The impact of G Rap however is often overlooked within the general public's eyes but never amongst his peers. A listen into Jay Z's "Encore" Hova himself quotes "the rest of ya'll know where i'm lyrically at/ yeah hearing me rap is like hearing G Rap in his prime." From Pun kneeling down and kissing his ring to acknowledge the father of his rapid fire flow filled with remarkable word play to Eminem's Grammy acceptance speech paying his respect to G as well. Lets not all forget Tupac's Resurrection movie and inside his book of inspirational figures, G Rap's name was mentioned right there along with the likes of Marvin Gaye. Kool G Rap sometimes finds himself being over looked by the most "credible" of outlets.


 For example lets take the newly documentation titled "The MC" which is available in stores now. The DVD showcases MC's such as Rakim, Kanye West, Jada Kiss, KRS, Common, and even Bay Area's own Too Short explaining the evolution of the MC but not a single word from G Rap himself. VH1 Hip Hop honors of last year honored KRS, Tupac, Rocksteady and more but there was nothing on Kool G Rap or Juice Crew for that matter. How could this be? These things often fly by people's heads but true Hip Hop fans and G Rap's peers themselves have never failed to acknowledge the 19 year Veteran. 19 years? Yes 19 years ago "Its A Demo" was released which introduced an MC who would transcend the art of the MC as we know it. Seems like just the other day a young Corona Queens native born Nathaniel Wilson was telling us his mafia like street tales and kicking a style that would soon influence a group of new age MC's such as Nas, AZ, Big Pun, Eminem, and Saigon just to name a few. Saigon once quoted "every dope MC from back pack to street you hear now, has taken something from G Rap and implemented it into their style". G's legacy however is yet to be defined because unlike most of the MC's G Rap came up with in the mid to late 80's, G Rap's style and hungry filled desire is still affective til this very present day. He's arguably been the most consistent MC in the history of this culture. Listen to his verse on Mobb Deep's classic LP "Murda Muzik" on "the Realest" in 1997 and you'll hear G steal the show. This is 11 years after his entry into the game. Remarkable in itself. But even more remarkable 8 years later here in 2005 Saigon's "The Letter P" features G Rap and there wasn't a single sign that the "Genius" of Rap is falling off one bit. Kool G Rap is currently working on his mixtape/ street album titled "Top 5 Dead or Alive". The mixtape is hosted by Green Lantern and it features





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