Every turning point in American music has its originator, its progenitor, its King.  The blues had W.C. Handy and jazz had Louis Armstrong.  Swing had Benny Goodman and bebop had Charlie Parker.  Rhythm and blues had Ray Charles and rock and roll had Elvis Presley.  Punk rock had the Stooges and disco had Barry White.  And hip-hop had Run-DMC – and always will, with their uncompromised vision and attitude, as laid out on their formative albums and singles, serving as the DNA of rap music for more than two decades and counting. 

From the first beats of 1983's "It's Like That," their debut single, Run-DMC ignited a revolution that brought hip-hop into the front-line, across television barriers, into the RIAA platinum realm, and straight ahead to the mash-ups that are today's new frontiers of rap and rock.  It all starts with Run-DMC's first 4 albums, 1980s classics which have been newly remastered as expanded editions with multiple bonus tracks – a total of 17 tracks between them, including demos, live performances, single B sides, remixes, spiels, and radio spots, most of which are previously unreleased. 

Arriving in stores September 6th on Profile/Arista/Legacy, are deluxe digipaks of RUN-D.M.C. (1984), the 20th anniversary special edition of KING OF ROCK (1985), RAISING HELL (1986), and TOUGHER THAN LEATHER (1988).









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