Within the realm of the underworld to be made means to be accepted as a man among men, someone with respect, honor and above all clout.

A made man is someone whose street credibility cannot be questioned nor his authority challenged. He is untouchable. Within the realm of hip hop only a select few can boast of having an impeccable rep as both a great lyricist and a real live stand up guy.


 Such a man is Rap-A-Lot Mafia reputed under boss and the undisputed lyrical Don of the South Scarface whose latest album aptly entitled Made promises to be his best album to date.

“When it comes to this rap game I’m untouchable,” says a confident Scarface when asked about his new album. “I’m a made man in this shit. That’s why I called it Made.”

What makes Scarface a made man in the rap game is his aggressive flow, poetic lyrics combined with his ability to weave compelling stories that literally paint a picture right before your eyes. He is a seasoned veteran with over ten years of dropping classic records like Mr. Scarface Is Back, The World Is Mine, The Diary, Untouchable and the Fix under his belt. His albums are considered classics by rap aficionados and influenced many of today’s hip hop stars.

Born Brad Jordan and raised in Houston’s infamous South Park neighborhood, Scarface begin his illustrious career under the moniker DJ Akshen in 1988 as a member of the legendary Geto Boys, debuting on the GB’s classic Grip It On that Other Level. As DJ Akshen, Face dropped an underground single called “Scarface” which helped usher in a new era in hip hop. But it was his work as a solo artist that really made people recognized that Face was a force to be reckoned with. Two years later he solidified his reputation for churning out deep thought-provoking lyrics with the classic Ghetto Boys’ tune that illustrating the pitfalls of street life “Mind Playing Tricks on Me.” Described by the Source as “five of the most chilling moments in hip hop,” the tune became an instant classic, placing Scarface, the Geto Boys and Rap-a-Lot Records on the world stage.

While Face’s work with the Geto Boys was the catalyst of his luminous career, it is his work as a solo artist that has given him the most accolades as a rapper. In fact his solo discography reads like a litany of classic hip hop albums which each one going no less than gold and two of them (The Diary and The Fix) winning the Source Magazine’s coveted five mic status. According to Face Made is his best effort to date.”

““I grew up in an time when artists were making complete albums. Public Enemy put out complete albums, Boogie Down Productions put out complete albums, Eric b & Rakim put out whole albums. Back then you could buy a rap record and just let it play. you didn’t have to worry about skipping a record or two or three because they were whack. The whole album was jamming. Now days a rapper get one or two radio hits and throw an album together. What I try to do when I go into the studio is make complete albums.”

And Made, Face’s eleventh album, is indeed the most complete album of his career. Produced by Mike Dean, NO Joe, John Bido, Tone Capone, Knottz, Mr. Lee, Enigma and Face himself there’s literally not a bad song on Made.

Lyrically Scarface is still as strong as ever dropping potent lyrics such as the ones found on “Neva,” “On My Shit,” the blazing lead single “Love You” and the explosive title tune. With songs like these plus a slew of others Made gives Scarface fans what they have come to expect from the Don of the South, straight up hardcore reality rap, rooted in the experiences of a seasoned vet who has been there, done that and still can’t be touched!








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