The formula is proven as shown through countless platinum and gold album sales. Joe Thomas known affectionately as JOE, once again delivers on his second indie-release entitled “Signature”. He continues to capture and redefine a style of sound and musical presentation audiences have come to recognize as JOE’s very own. This go round, JOE covers new ground incorporating live instrumentation’s with strings and horns intricately woven to add additional texture to his balladeering style. On the music scene for over ten years, JOE is considered a hometown favorite; that “guy next door”, whom everyone feels a personal knowing; as he writes songs that speak to the core of every relationship. As a musician, songwriter and today as a label executive, Joe stands firm in delivering audiences his style..his “Signature”.



Artist Bio Continued


Joe is an accomplished vocalist of smooth and sultry R&B productions with occasional hip-hop beats, and his extensive background in gospel music has allowed him to produce his albums as well as sing on them. A native of Georgia, Joe later moved to Opelika, Alabama; since he was the son of two preachers, he spent much time in church singing, playing guitar, and even directing the choir. Influenced early on by gospel stars like the Winans, Commissioned, and Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Joe grew to love soul legends Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye plus contemporary stars Bobby Brown and Keith Sweat.

Joe graduated from high school and continued to sing and write music while working at occasional temporary jobs. Finally, he traveled to New Jersey, hoping to make connections in the music industry. While working at a gospel record store and continuing his music education through a local church, he met producer Vincent Herbert and recorded a three-song demo tape. He signed to Polygram and in 1993 released his album debut, Everything. Joe also appeared on the soundtrack to Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, and moved to Jive/RCA for his second album, 1997's All That I Am. The single "Don't Wanna Be a Player" hit the Top 40, thanks to its exposure on the soundtrack of Booty Call. While All That I Am went platinum, Joe remixed a duet by Tina Turner and Barry White, "Never in Your Dreams"; he also produced and wrote for the debut albums of Ideal and Deja Groove.

In 1999, Joe appeared on Mariah Carey's "Thank God I Found You" single (from Rainbow) and caught yet another break from a soundtrack appearance, this time with "I Wanna Know" from The Wood. Released as a single in the fall, "I Wanna Know" languished in the lower reaches of the charts until suddenly catching fire in early 2000; the single reached the R&B Top Five in March, setting the stage for Joe's next album, the multi-platinum My Name Is Joe. Despite never achieving that level of sales again, his releases throughout the remainder of the decade -- Better Days (2001), And Then... (2003), Ain't Nothin' Like Me (2007), Joe Thomas, New Man (2008), and Signature (2009) -- were solid full-lengths. Each one reached the Top Ten of the R&B chart. His first release of the 2010s was The Good, the Bad, the Sexy (2011), featuring four productions from Brandon “B.A.M.”



Additional Bio's .

“These guys are really creative, excited about dance music and understand it,” says Kelly. “I want to incorporate those sounds without going too far away from what people know me for, which is R&B. I’ve traveled the world as a solo artist and have been influenced by all these different sounds—Europop, electro, dance, etc.—that I want to share with my fans. I’d like my audience to get to know me better on this album, discover my personality—which is sass and class, the fun part. That’s what I’m trying to showcase.”

As for her illustrious past, Kelly just wants room to grow as an individual, to explore her own artistic path.

“It’s about respecting me in my space as an individual, as I respect the other members of Destiny’s Child in theirs,” she insists. “That is certainly a large part of my career, how big it was. We continue to love and support each other, but we’re all adults moving forward.”

Rowland is also intent on continuing to appear on TV and in the movies. She had a recurring role in the UPN sitcom The Hughleys, before appearing in other network shows such as Eve and Girlfriends. She also appeared as Martha Reeves in American Dreams, singing “Nowhere to Run.” In 2003, Rowland made her big screen debut in the film Freddy vs. Jason, then the following year starred in the romantic comedy, The Seat Filler, executive-produced by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, playing a pop star who falls for an awards-show seat filler she mistakes for a high-profile record executive. She just finished co-hosting Bravo’s reality series The Fashion Show with designer Isaac Mizrahi.

“I’m definitely going up for more roles because it’s something I truly enjoy,” she says. “I really want to continue to study the craft to where I can be respected as an actor. I want to completely understand the role and get engrossed in it to the point where I am that character. For me, it’s about passion, not taking a role just to say I did it.”

With a clean slate and a promising start on this latest phase of her impressive career, Kelly is ready to embark on this latest phase of her career.

“I’m very confident in everyone that’s around me now,” she says. “I believe in them as much, if not more, than they believe in me. I let them know what’s going on, what I want, what I expect from them. I’m in control, and that’s a great thing.”

Now that she’s set in the present, Kelly has no problem casting an eye toward the future.

“I want to put together a great #1 album and tour, just play live, be with the crowd and create more of those magic moments,” she concludes, before adding she’s working on creating her own TV show, one which she wouldn’t mind being behind the camera for a change.

Now that “Love” has taken over, Kelly Rowland won’t be far behind.



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