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Want to advertise and promote your club, party or special event, we The Music Group has space available to to help promote and market your next event. Whether its a trailer video clip like the one you played here, or a banner ad, we can makeit happen. Contact us for special rates.

Promote Your Club . . .

How is your club promotional campaign going? Isn't it time to think about: Product marketing · Pricing Distribution · Service · Retail Brand management, Account-based marketing Ethics · Effectiveness · Research, Segmentation · Strategy · Activation
Management · Dominance

Promote Your Event

Getting the most out of your promotions dollars? Try advertising here with us on our new website. Advertising · Branding · Underwriting Direct marketing · Personal sales Product placement · Publicity
Sales promotion · Sex in advertising, Loyalty marketing · SMS marketing, Premiums · Prizes

Promote Your Services

The Music Group Agency can help assist you in promoting your services, especially entertainment related events. Consider : Printing · Publication · Broadcasting Out-of-home advertising · Internet
Point of sale · Merchandise, Digital marketing · advertising, In-store demonstration · Word-of-mouth


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