It's always been important for me to tuned in with what's going on in music" Evelyn says" I enjoy going to clubs and concerts and being with the people who enjoy the music of all types "I listen to the radio for new talent and sounds also from the past.

" You have to live a little and explore a lot" the vocalist states, this also applies to music and it's vast industry. " Evelyn's career may appear to some that it has come to a halt, this is quite the contrary. She continues to travel this continent, the US and abroad.

Evelyn always seems to dazzle the audience with her vibrant personality, as well as her strong seductive voice. The performances always become metamor physically electric and seasoned in her gift she accentuates her remarkable vocal ability by singing songs ranging from smooth ballads to party jumping, Funk knocking jams. Without issue Evelyn has continued to enjoy her success over the past 25 years. Her name is a name that demands respect within the industry, One that has remained prominent in the R&B, Club and Pop arenas.


In her modest but confident demeanors, Evelyn marked her talent wisely collaborating with top Producers that include musical great's, Theodore Life ( T. Life ) wish has also been the man responsible for her success please recall the discovery of Ms. King yes it's true I was discovered while cleaning, at "Gamble & Huff's record company, my sister was ill and I filled in one day, while cleaning a voice said one day I'm going to make you a star.


Thanks to T. Life and family I'm Evelyn "Champagne" King. " Evelyn say's with a smile ." She also has a vast of famous producers along side her success, Kashif, Paul Lawrence Jones, Andre Cymone, Ron Kersey, Alex Brown, and luminaries such as Leon Sylvers III, Gene Dozier, Nayan, Ten City, Marshall Jefferson, David Cochran, and her talented brother Johnny King who also participated in his sisters success. Of course Evelyn's had worked withplenty great producers / writers. These producers all lent a bright and fresh element to her work while she maintained the key element her voice.


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